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Jurassic Fishing Park - Etiquette

Fish Care and respect for other anglers using the facilty.


In order to keep our specimen fish in perfect condition, and to ensure a pleasurable angling experience, we ask all our guests to consider good angling etiquette placing your quarry and your fellow angling enthusiasts at the top of your list of priorities whilst fishing at Jurassic Mountain. For those of you not familiar with fishing on "Catch and Release" venues the following list will help you understand how to get the best from your experience during your stay with us.

Fish Care

  • Fish should ideally be unhooked in the water. However unhooking mats are provided for those who wish to stay dry.
  • Take photos of your catches on the unhooking mat on your knees, with the fish no more than 2 feet from the ground. Never stand up holding a fish, in fact if you want a photo, once your fish is netted and you have placed the rod back in its rest, get on your knees on the mat and stay on your knees! Until the fish handler has placed the fish back in the water.
  • For those fishing without a guide, only use tackle set up as provided by the fishery (members can use their own tackle that has been inspected by the management.). These rigs have the fishes safety and well being in mind.
  • Arapaima are only unhooked in the water, and for photography Arapaima should never be lifted entirely clear of the water, this damages the fish and can easily cause the fishes death as well as heartache for the angler.
  • Unhooking mats should always be wet before a fish is placed upon them.



  • Jurassic mountain is a peaceful and tranquil location, thats what most anglers come fishing for, to enjoy a peaceful relaxed day. Please keep it this way by not shouting across the lake, swearing, screaming or laughing at the top of your voice, this in know way detracts from the pleasure of your day.
  • If your neighbour has a big fish he can't control, running thru your swim....what would you expect him to do for you in those circumstances? Please do likewise, and reel in if it seems appropriate to do so. It may well be you into a fish of a lifetime on the next cast.
  • Please keep the area around your swim clean and tidy, leave no litter or dog ends or bottle tops lying around. We all want to fish in a clean environment.
  • Always put the fishs welfare and your fellow anglers enjoyment ahead of your own needs...if you think along those lines your time fishing will be much more enjoyable.