The Lake

Our fishery now known fondly as "Jurassic Fishing Park" came into being in 2011 when  two of Thailand's fishing guide operations joined forces to develop a fishery to meet the demand for high standard's of management and service many angler's where seeking but that was widely lacking elsewhere. Since then Jurassic has gone from strength to strength each passing year to become a "must visit" fishing destination for the majority of Angler's who come to Thailand.


Jurassic Mountain
Jurassic Mountain
#13 PACU



  • Giant Siamese Carp 196LBS/89kgs
  • Giant Mekong Catfish 350lbs/169kgs
  • Arapaima 420lbs/190kgs
  • Chao Praya Catfish 132lbs/60kgs
  • Salween Catfish 115lbs/52kgs
  • Rita Salween Catfish 125lbs/57kgs
  • Alligator Gar 95lbs/43kgs
  • Atlantic Tarpon 30lbs/14kgs
  • Wallagoo Leeri 115lbs/52kgs
  • Pacu 42lbs/19kgs
  • WATER SIZE: 5 Acres
  • WATER VOLUME: 48,000cbm
  • MAXIMYM DEPTH:4.2 mtrs
  • AVERAGE DEPTH:3 mtrs
  • NO OF SWIMS: 17 (of which a maximum of 11 are fished on any given day)
  • BIGGEST PREDATOR: Arapaima 400lb+/181kg
  • BIGGEST CARP: 190lb+/86kg
  • BIGGEST CATFISH 350lb/160kg





Each evening at approximately 7:30PM anglers staying on the resort will be invited to draw blind, a numbered pingpong ball out of a bag. There will be same number of balls in the bag as Anglers fishing the next day. The number on the ball determines the order of choice in which Anglers can pick their swims. Therefore ball number 1 gives the Angler who picked this ball the choice of EVERY swim on the lake. Ball Number 2 is second in line and gets to choose from every swim accept the one selected by the angler who drew ball number 1 and so on and so forth until all Anglers have chosen their swims. This approach has over the years proven to be the most popular, most transparent and fairest way to allocate swims.

If you book a single days fishing and are not staying on the resort, you can still participate in the draw if you can make it in person to the resort for the evening before your days fishing for 7PM onwards. Alternatively you will be allocated a swim by the fishery manager. PLEASE NOTE: In order to provide our paying anglers a peaceful and enjoyable fishing experience visitors and passing tourists to the resort are NOT permitted to walk around the lake during fishing hours.


Jurassic prides itself in providing our guests with high quality and well serviced fishing tackle. To this end all anglers are able to inspect the rods and reels they will be using for their session before they pick them for use. Hire tackle is thoroughly cleaned and serviced before being replaced in the racks in our clubhouse, service includes eye and reel seat inspection for rods, drag washer change and new braid for reels after EACH SESSION longer than 5 days. So you can be confident that your line is new and your reel wont let you down. In addition to this Jurassic suuplies BRAND NEW terminal tackle for those fishing 3 days or longer ensuring sharp hooks and perfect hooklengths.

Enjoy quality equipment

At Jurassic we believe world class fishing alone is not enough.....we also provide ...



  • 2 x Jurassic Tailor made 5/TC Giant Carp and Predator Rod
  • 2x Shimano OC8000 Reel Spooled with 60lb Quality Braid (new drag washers for each new customer)
  • 1 x Solar Worldwide Stainless Steel Rod Pod with snag ears,
  • x 2 rod buzz bars OR 2 x 3 rod buzz bars
  • 3 x Delkim Bite Alarms (with covers)
  • 2x Stainless Steel Butt Holder
  • 2 x Fox Swingers
  • 2 x Jurassic Brand Pre-tied Carp Hooklength (Size 2 Teflon Coated Carp Hook)
  • 1 x Jurassic Brand Pre-tied Predator Hooklength (Size 0/1 Heavy Gauge Coated Catfish Hook)
  • 1 x Jurassic Brand Braid Scissors
  • 1 x Jurassic Brand Catapult
  • 1 x Jurassic Brand Baiting Needle
  • 2 x Jurassic Brand Silicon Sleeve (ID 1.8MM)
  • 1 x Jurassic Brand Tube Threader
  • 2 x 4oz Coated Inline Leads
  • 1 x Jurassic Brand Rubber Stoppers
  • 1 x Jurassic Brand packet of Size 3 Teflon coated barrel Swivel
  • 1 x Jurassic Brand packet of 5mm Rubber rig beads.
  • 1x Jurassic Brand packet of Tail rubbers.
  • Teakwood Sala with Table and Electric Fan (seats up to 6 people)
  • Large Landing Net
  • Fish Clinic Spray
  • Groundbait Mixing Bowl
  • 3 x Black Plastic Water Buckets (for hand rinsing, glugging baits etc)
  • Hand Towel
  • Whistle (for attracting Netsmans Attention)
  • Catch Report Board & Marker Pen
  • Bait Menu
  • Food and Drink Menu
  • 2 x Bench Cushions
  • Bottle Opener
  • Waste Bin
  • Online Ordering Service
  • Wi Fi


Jurassic produces a range of boilies, pop-ups, glugs and groundbaits, As well as supplying a wide range of other products for carp and predators. An innovative bait voucher system ensures that all your essential bait requirements are included in the cost of your fishing package. That being said of course many angler’s are seeking that competitive edge, and our well stocked tackle shop and bait freezer offers additional items such as pop-ups, glugs, PVA for carp as well as unusual hook baits for predators, such as chicken, squid, mussels and many other items. These items are of course all optional.

Freshly Made Baits Weekly

Try Jurassic’s rage of bait’s for an unfair advantage ... “The Asian Additive Matrix”


Bait Available In The Tackle Shop

The following bait items can be purchased using your 2000BHT daily bait allowance:

  • Jurassic Classic Fishmeal Freezer Boilies 250BHT per kilo
  • Jurassic 12mm High Protien Sinking Pellet 250BHT per kilo
  • Deadbaits Mackrel or Trevali 4" to 6inch" 100BHT per kilo

Jurassic Bait Voucher system has been designed to ensure our fish not only get sufficient food, but also to ensure we can maintain our water quality over the longer term. Therefore we would ask ALL anglers using the fishery to abide by the following simple rules.

  • Use your FULL allowance each and every day. It's virtually impossible to overfeed your swim.
  • ALL bait products to be used on the day of purchase. DO NOT keep bait for the next day or take back to your room.
  • If you have bait left at the end of the day deposit the bait into the lake.

PLEASE NOTE: Baits not included in the voucher system are not included for reasons fo water quality and fish health. These products are perfectly acceptable for use in smaller quantities.

If you’re struggling for bites sometimes a different bait can help. Pellet dissolving too quickly? Try Artificials over a bed of sweetcorn. Deadbaits being eaten by Shrimp and Crab? Try chicken hearts as they are tough for anything to chew. Fish simply not biting? Perhaps they will respond to an alternative bait.

  • JMB Shelf Life 22MM Boilies - Jurassic Classic 1kg
  • JMB Shelf Life 22MM Boilies - Fruit & Peanut 1kg
  • JMB Shelf Life 22MM Boilies - Pacu Banana 1kg
  • JMB Drilled 22mm High Protien Sinking Pellet 300g
  • JMB Drinking 22mm High Protien Floating Pellet 300g
  • JMB - Pop-Ups LGE
  • JMB - Pop-Ups SML
  • JMB Sinking Feed Pellet 12MM 1kg
  • JMB Groundbaits - Rice Bran 2kg
  • JMB Groundbaits - Maize Meal
  • JMB Artificial Corn (various colours)
  • Sweetcorn 2KG Tin
  • Bread Loaf
  • Chicken Hearts
  • Chicken Carcass
  • Mussels
  • Prawns
  • Pacu Fillet
  • Fish Balls
  • Pork Balls
  • Squid
  • Cockles
  • Bamboo Livebait Rod

Do’s & Don’ts

In order to keep our specimen fish in perfect condition, and to ensure a pleasurable angling experience for everyone who visits Jurassic, we ask all our guests to consider good angling etiquette which involves placing your quarry and your fellow angling enthusiasts at the top of your list of priorities whilst fishing at Jurassic Mountain. For those of you not familiar with fishing on "Catch and Release" venues the following will help you understand how to get the best from your experience during your stay with us.

Fish Care is paramount at Jurassic. Therefore Fish are always unhooked in the water no matter the size. Netsman and Fishery Managers decision on photographing and weighing will always be final, and if they deem the fish unfit to be handled due to stress or tiredness or damage, that decision is final. Photos of your catches should be taken with the fish not more than 1 feet from the waters surface. Only use tackle set ups as provided by the fishery, or seek approval first before using any other methods. These rigs have the fishes safety and well being in mind, and on the whole catch more fish than other rigs. If you have a rig in mind you would like to try, this is acceptable provided that you discuss it with the fishery manager or bailiff prior to setting it up. For photography Arapaima should never be lifted entirely clear of the water, this easily damages the fish and can even cause the fishes death as well as heartache for the angler. Fish Clinic is provided for application to hook marks and fin blemishes from the fight.

Jurassic mountain is a peaceful and tranquil location, that's what most anglers come fishing for, to enjoy a peaceful relaxed day. Please keep it this way by not shouting across the lake, swearing, screaming or laughing at the top of your voice, this in know way detracts from the pleasure of your day. Use no musical devices (phones, tablets etc) unless you have earphones. If your neighbour has a big fish he can't control, running thru your swim .... what would you expect him to do for you in those circumstances? Please do likewise, and reel in if it seems appropriate to do so. It may well be you into a fish of a lifetime on the next cast.Please keep the area around your swim clean and tidy, leave no litter, dog ends, dropped bait or bottle tops lying around. We all want to fish in a clean environment, whats more stray bait attacts pests such as snake, lizards and ants. Always put the fishs welfare and your fellow anglers enjoyment ahead of your own needs...if you think along those lines your time fishing will be much more enjoyable.

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