5-8 yrs.
5-8 yrs.

About us

Being closely situated to Cha-Am and Hua-Hin the Resort offers easy access to and from the local beaches and towns and long stay guests enjoy preferred rates and terms to fish, on our well stocked sport fishery, the centre piece of our community. As well as fishing there are a multitude of other activities available from the resort.


Fish Thailand formed in 2005 and Siam Fishing Tours formed in 2006 spent years separately promoting and building the Thai fishing scene to a western audience, comprising of wonderful fisheries and enormous exotic fish species, they knew Thailand was set to become every anglers choice for an exotic fishing destination. Overtime the guiding operations developed a close working relationship. One particular shared vision was to develop a fishing resort in Thailand that had western standards of management and cleanliness, using knowledge and experience of the Thai fishing scene developed over many years of guiding thousands of clients at dozens of venues fishing in Thailand


As far back as 2006 the two guiding operations began throwing ideas around and exploring ways of raising the funds necessary to develop a fishery. For two years leading up to 2010 many different fishery concepts and locations were researched but during this time the pursuit for much needed investment fell through; the dream of developing a fishery in Thailand therefore was put on hold – perhaps to only ever have been a ‘pipe dream.’ Meanwhile Fish Thailand grew into Thailand’s largest guided fishing operation and further helped promote the fishing in Thailand with TV angling stars such as Robson Green and Jeremy Wade. Also filming and writing for the world to hear about the Thailand fishing scene was the UK’s most talented and famous TV angling celebrity – Sir John Wilson M.B.E. All this media attention contributed to a growing awareness of Thailand's enormous potential as a fishing destination.


Then came a breakthrough in early 2011, the final piece of the puzzle allowing the plans for a fishery to become a reality was found. The final piece of the jigsaw – a client of Fish Thailand Sam who developed an infatuation with it's fishing scene looked at the business plans and put the investment cash forward to enable Jurassic to become a reality. The years of researching fishery concepts between SFT and FT were added to the mix and Sam’s eagerness to push the ideas forward saw an official partnership formed by summer 2011. Sam’s passion for fishing and his innovative thinking was the ‘glue’ that pieced the ideas, research and dreams of the three partners together; opening up a way forward for what was just a dream into a very exciting and frightening reality.


Valued Thai member of the team and asset to the partnership was good friend & fellow angling enthusiast Nayok Kasem Kedto. Kasem began his career in the Royal Thai Police Force and later became involved in local politics to become local Mayor(Nayok), Nayok Kasem’s credentials proved to be of critical help. Nayok Kasem is proud that fishing holiday makers from around the globe descend on Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park to sample Thailand's incredible fishing. Equally valuable has been the input and support of Aom who has administered much of the projects development for the team, as well as building a manageable team of Thai groundsmen and other staff.


The current site of Jurassic Mountain Resort & Fishing Park was purchased in August 2011 and on December 10th 2011 the diggers rolled onto the land made up at the time of swamp, marsh and rice paddies to begin the digging of the lake. Incredibly the lake was dug, landscaped and the site for the resort prepared all by April 2012 – it took just five months. Even more astonishing was that the first customers descended onto Jurassic Fishing Park by September 2012 and caught more Siamese carp and arapaima than at any other venue – just ten months after the project began, and they continue to do so. During 2012 while the lakes construction was taking place, the resort was being designed and its construction commenced. A keen eye for detail, specific quality demands and relentless hard work saw the construction of four villas and the clubhouse completing phase I of Jurassic Mountain Resort.

A low standard of resort and clubhouse would not suffice – the market demanded a higher standard of accommodation than was already being offered on fisheries in Thailand. The high quality and creative design applied to the project was the key to bringing the fishery to premier status. The aims of the three partners were simple, for the first time in Thailand European standards of management were to be married with Thai hospitality within a resort boasting levels of cleanliness and presentation fit for holiday makers and long term residents, making it possible to develop an angling community at the resort. Ongoing improvements in staff training, site presentation, customer service, investment and profitability together with several innovative syndicate membership programs is sure to result in Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park becoming Thailand's premier fishing destination.